> download π_

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> the code_

> π is currently in an alpha stage. When downloading the archive, you accept this licence agreement.

> The archive contains:

the Java-implementation of π

two helper JAR-libraries: "mental_model" and "utilities"

> pi.jar.

> Run with:

java -classpath "pi.jar"


Some users have reported problems starting the π-console. We think that this is related to the automatic loading of the predefined patterns. Please, if you run into the same problem, for which we do not yet have a solution, please give us an email and we will update you as soon as that issue is solved. Sorry for that. Nonetheless, we highly appreciate feedback of any kind!

The current version of π, o.8, has the following restrictions:

  1. -for compatibility reasons with the new interpreter we disabled the extended Earley parser and replaced it by a standard Earley parser which is a lot slower. This going to be fixed again, soon.

  2. -reflection-completeness